Andy Seed

Sat 09 Nov 2019

Venue: Lansdown Hall


Date:Sat 09 Nov 2019

Price: £5.00

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Stroud Book Festival @ Lansdown Hall
Ages: 7-11

Come and celebrate the world’s most disgusting creatures with Andy Seed, winner of the Blue Peter Book Award, as he reveals the gruesome contents of his new book, “A Giant Dose of Gross”.

This is your chance to discover the yuckiest, smelliest, grisliest and wackiest animals on the planet including cannibals, earwax-eaters, bloodsuckers, bottom sniffers, poo-bombers and parasites that live on your face. There will be fun quizzes, challenges and the chance to meet stink badgers, assassin bugs, cookiecutter sharks and exploding toads – as well as the grossest animal of all, the noisy, nasty, nose-picking human being!

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