Thu 28 Jan 2021

It’s been a sad year seeing neighbouring venues, cafes, pubs and restaurants forced to keep their doors closed by this dreadful pandemic, possibly never to re-open. We are absolutely determined to protect The Sub Rooms but we need a little help from our supporters. Here are a few ways you can help keep us afloat in 2021, but first, why support us?

  • We are a community venue and we belong to everybody.
  • We offer opportunity. We create formal opportunities for skills and career progression through partnerships with local schools and colleges. We offer a rewarding volunteer programme that enables the people of Stroud to contribute to their community.
  • We broaden the arts, culture and leisure offering in The Cotswolds.

Now, how you can help:


Donate a small (or large, if we’re particularly lucky) amount to The Sub Rooms.

Share our content on social media

Facebook – like and share our posts
Instagram – save our posts, share them, then like them (the algorithm says so)
Twitter – like and retweet our tweets

Buy tickets

Having something to look forward to has been our saving grace throughout the pandemic – we’ve got some great shows to announce soon. Even if the event you’ve bought tickets for gets rescheduled, we have a straightforward process where you can choose to keep your tickets for the rescheduled date, get a refund if you can’t make the new date or donate the funds to The Subs.



Sign yourself up for volunteering as many hours as you fancy in the future. Enjoy free tickets to your favourite gigs in return.


Sign-up to our newsletters

By signing up, and getting your friends & colleagues signed up to our newsletters, you’ll be updated first on all the utterly fantastic gigs we’ve got lined up for you, potential job opportunities and news from in and around Stroud.

Finally, just keep us in mind. Spread the word, keep checking our website and socials for gigs and even leave us a review if you fancy. Thanks to the support of Stroud, we WILL make it out the other side.


Fairport Convention were on masterclass form on Sunday as they revelled in being able to tour again.

Thu 28 Jan

Fairport Convention were on masterclass form on Sunday as they revelled in being able to tour again. They treated the Sub Rooms audience to an...

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The Shires play a classy acoustic set.

Thu 28 Jan

A packed Sub Rooms enjoyed a sparkling evening as the UK’s most popular country music band, The Shires, played a classy acoustic set. ...

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A music great visited Stroud last Thursday - Graham Gouldman

Thu 28 Jan

A music great visited Stroud last Thursday showcasing songs from his 50 years in music. Graham Gouldman delighted the The Sub Rooms audie...

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