Fri 20 Nov 2020

The pandemic has flipped the creative industries on their heads, seriously risking the future of our music, arts and performance professionals, The Subs has been forced to adapt, and fast.

The result? We went big, and decided to take Stroud to a global audience – so we could spread some joy, bring comfort to those struggling – and most importantly help preserve the future of Stroud’s beautiful venue, bring some much needed income to our local (WORLD CLASS) creative community, and spread the word – we’re unbelievably #proudtobestroud

And so with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and the help of the AWESOME Rob James from Topo Productions – our new GLOBAL live streaming channel [email protected] was born.

In response to this challenge we’ve created a programme for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. But we’re not talking DJs in front of their sofas (although that was great, thank you), we’ve actually created a TV studio, complete with an actual production gallery, 7 cameras, a director, floor manager, and cameramen.

And the most special thing? The set for our new studio is Jack Wimperis’s Everything Is Light exhibition – a proper slick set-up.

In return for at least 60 minutes of spectacular, intimate performances, all we ask is for a minimum donation of £5 to support The Subs, pay our musicians and our tech teams.

How do you pay? Well – simply click on the event link on our website – and purchase a ‘voluntary ticket’. Amounts start as low as £5 (which we’ll be super grateful to receive!) but if you feel like you want to see more, then another couple of quid would go down a treat, and allow us to plan some top shows in December too (rumour has it that Elvis *might* be in the building…).

To launch [email protected] we’ve partnered with the incredible Deepbed Radio and Stroud Jazz who have provided some great acts including Stroud’s brilliant Mermaid Chunky and JSSO, and South-West Sicko MC Griz-O.

Then next week we’ll be going classical (with a smidgeon of Jazz and Swing) with the world-class Carducci Quartet performing alongside the Dave Ayre Trio on Wednesday, Nov 25. All of this, recorded live and beamed straight into your homes, from inside the INSANE light exhibition, Everything Is Light, created and built by Glastonbury Festival artist Jack Wimperis. You’re in for a treat.

View our line-up by heading to our What’s on page.

As well as our live-streams we are launching a podcast! ‘The Subs do a Podcast’ (it does exactly what it says on the tin), which will be available soon on all of your favourite platforms (Spotify, Google Music and Apple Music).

This will be jam-packed with interviews from local community projects to exclusives from back-stage. Episodes will be released fortnightly as we talk (live and breathe) music and community. Please do get in touch with Mia if you’d like us to interview a band, musician artist or performer, or if you’d be a great person for us to feature! ([email protected])

Get a glass of wine in hand, plug your laptop into your TV and speakers, and we’ll see you (kind of) this Friday night from 8.


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