Wed 28 Oct 2020

So, this is going to sound like an ad for The Subs – it’s not, I promise.

My name’s Mia, I’m a 23-year-old marketeer with a love for music, design, fashion and people. I joined The Subs last week after being hunted down, captured and taken in by Sarah Watson (if you know Sarah, you’ll know that’s accurate).

I spent the last year working as a freelance web developer/designer and social media manager, collaborating with local businesses and bouncing all over town from one meeting to the next with my Mac and travel mug full of tea in hand. The variety of projects suited me down to the ground and I enjoyed, very much, meeting new people on a regular basis and pitching my ideas to them. The skills I learnt through self-management are invaluable.

My next career move was in response to COVID – I’m sure you can relate in some way. Business was uncertain, understandably people were (are) worried about income and in turn weren’t ready to fork out a couple of grand expanding their start-up business. Lots of these businesses were built on life-savings, and they were about to collapse. I was disappointed at the thought of leaving my own business behind, but aware and grateful to have a roof over my head and food in my belly.

As much as I felt disheartened at leaving my business behind, I was ready for security and direction in a very insecure and confused world and The Subs felt like that and more. The Dream Job at the perfect time (again, this isn’t an ad for The Subs, I promise). It’s as though there’s a protective bubble around the building and inside there’s a lot of laughter and joy. Other than masks and hand sanitizer and the odd ‘just got to keep on going’ conversation, it feels pretty ‘normal’ (in its own right).

I started last Friday and began with an induction day; tours around the building with the lovely Bev, a run-through of the tills and systems we use here, then I managed to get my hands on the back-end of the website (let’s just say, exciting things to come).

I love waking up to come to work which I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to say – particularly in this economic climate. The people are wonderful, the sense of community is warming and I have the perfect balance of creative freedom and support that I need. I’m SO excited for the projects we are rustling up and the evolution of The Subs that I can not only watch but be a part of.

Pop in and say hi, come and chat to us about your creative ideas or have a play on the piano outside – we’d be delighted to see you.


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