Thu 07 Jul 2022

By Jonathan Duckworth 

Monday saw another of those extraordinary Sub Rooms Stroud gigs. One that you had to be there for - a unique, passionate and informal experience. A very special gig from the Waterboys leader, Mike Scott and keyboard genius Brother Paul.

The gig hadn’t started well, as it was due on Thu 16th June, suffering a plague of our times COVID delay until last Monday, 27th.

A packed Sub Rooms waited in anticipation - but were brought down to earth as the announcement was made that the support had COVID. She’d been tested positive 2 hours earlier and had to cry off.

However, to make up for that, Mike Scott and Brother Paul came on twenty minutes early and promised to make up for the lack of a support, offering mainly additional love songs!

The gig delivered loads of Classic Waterboys music mixed with impassioned poetry (and of course, those extra love songs…).

Mike Scott said that he had been at Glastonbury just the day before, meeting Michael Eavis for the first time. There was a discussion about the Waterboys’ tune ‘How long will I love you’ and what a great version The Waterboys had did of that Ellie Goulding song.

Mine Scott relished tickling the audience when starting ‘The pan within’; it is such a favourite, but this rendition was so enhanced by the long intimate interplays between the Mike and Paul in one of the most powerful sections of the show.

All too often shows end, and this one moved to the inevitable with an astounding version of ‘In my time on earth’; quiet pleading interspersed with the most powerful chorus of the evening.

Finally Mike Scott said goodbye - “it was a pleasure playing for you here in Stroud, as always”.

As Brother Paul is from the USA, Scott whispered to him what to do for the very UK goodbye. It took two takes, but eventually it was “Good night from Me” and Good night from Him”.


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