Wed 17 Nov 2021

A Concert For A Changing World

A Concert For A Changing World
Words that reverberate with the tenacity of human spirit in these current times of brooding disquiet, fractured societies and civil unrest. Songs that have changed history and moved millions of people to do things they never thought possible.

Included in this concert are songs written by Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen and Keith.

For this concert, the original living writers of each song have been asked to compose powerful brand new verses that stand proud in the 21st century against this current wave of crises.

Keith, a life-long devotee of emotional performance, approaches each of these songs with fresh courage and passion, provoking both reflection and reconciliation – chilling to listen to! ‘Many of these songs were written between the ‘60s and the ‘80s. So much has changed, although so little has changed. Everything is moving so fast and yet everything is moving so slowly’.

Also included are many of Keith’s songs from his 2020 Album ‘Paradise lost’ and his 2021 Album ‘Can you imagine’

‘The world needs powerful songs as much as ever. 'I Can See', certainly hits its target. Keith clearly sees the danger of living in a post-truth, self-serving society, but he sees hope too!