Sat 12 Jun 2021

Albino Tarantino

Albino Tarantino
Coming to you all the way from Stroud, Albino Tarantino is the brain-child of singer songwriter Aron Attwood. After releasing his self-penned debut Album, Magic 8 Ball in 2017, Aron looked for a way to bring his music to a live audience. Gathering the cream of local musicians, Aron re-conceived a selection of his solo tunes and gave them a distinctive Latin tang. This mix of blues and latin references draws on influences from both genres in a melting pot of new flavours.

Imagine a night out with Tom Waits and Ry Cooder to see Santana playing at The Buena Vista Social Club!

Taking their blues nice and easy, and slipping some cool Latin influences in for extra flavour, this new outfit of seasoned players from Stroud come over like J J Cale on a diet of enchiladas and cachaca.