Tue 07 Sep 2021

An Introduction to Photography

Classes & Workshops
An Introduction to Photography
Time: 10am-12pm
Location: 1st floor bar
Dates: Tue 7 Sep - Tue 19 Oct (no class 21 Sep) 6wk course

An introduction to Digital Photography and camera controls. This class aims to take the mystery out of digital photography, look at camera controls and setting and how we can use them to influence our final images. We will look at what to do with our images once captured, and aim to improve your compositional and creative skills in creating images with impact. Each week will be as follows - although there will be some flexibility on this depending on time and how each person responds to the class.
Week 1. Intro to Digital Photography and camera settings.
Week 2. Understanding exposure control, the impact settings will have on the final image.
Week 3. Use of manual modes, metering, focussing and file formats.
Week 4. Image composition and construction. Depth of field, filters etc.
Week 5. Saving, processing and printing your images.
Week 6. Histograms, Exposure control, dynamic range and review of previous weeks.