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The Sub Rooms is an arts and community venue situated in the heart of The Cotswold town, Stroud. We are committed to providing a diverse range of music, workshops, theatre, comedy, and plenty more to our community and to visitors further afield. As we are a registered charity, many people just like you are donating what they can to help us achieve these goals. Your donations help towards the following and more! 


  • Broaden arts and culture so they become intertwined within the lives of the community we serve
  • Embrace people’s existing creativity and encourage them to build on it
  • Ensure that people from every background are welcome at The Sub Rooms and are encouraged to deepen their relationship with arts and culture
  • Create opportunities for skills and career progression in the creative industries
  • Bring together the country’s most creative and innovative companies to offer the highest quality performance
  • Ensure that arts and cultural engagement is embedded within family life on a daily basis

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If you don't want to donate money to The Sub Rooms, another great way to support us is to purchase an item off our Amazon wishlist. With a variety of items at various prices it's a great way to show your support with a phsyical item! Click the link below to view the full list.

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