Loyd Grossman

Sat 21 May 2022

Venue: Stroud Sub Rooms


Date:Sat 21 May 2022

Price: £13.20

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Join Loyd as he takes us on his culinary journey with anecdotes spanning decades and as wide and diverse as you can imagine.

With his distinctive mid-Atlantic lilt and leading opinions in good cuisine, Loyd Grossman has become one of the most well known celebrity chefs, providing a multitude of shows covering haute cuisine of the time and a grasp of different culinary cultures across the globe.

One of the original celebrity chefs, Loyd was one of the driving forces behind modern popularity of celebrity culinary programmes. Loyd capitalised on the success of his television shows by creating his own range of cooking sauces, which have now sold over 1 billion units.

With a television career spanning over 25 years, Loyd presented Masterchef for ten years between 1990-2000.

Alongside his own culinary programmes, Loyd created and co-presented Through the Keyhole with Sir David Frost between 1987-2003. In more recent times, Loyd has appeared on our screens as on ITV’s Food Glorious Food.

Aside form his onscreen work, Loyd has run projects for government to improve NHS food quality, become a governor for high-ranking universities, a keen musician as well as backing many charities that campaign for issues close to his heart.


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