Tue 09 Mar 2021

Everything Is Light, the mesmerizing light installation created by Jack Wimperis at The Sub Rooms, is set to reopen from 17th May with a handful of gigs from local, well-loved bands to shows from renowned comedians including Andrew Lawrence and Tiff Stevenson.


We are preparing to welcome some world-class acts to perform from inside the exhibition. Thabo, an Zimbabwean hip-hop artist who’s worked alongside huge names like Professor Green, Idris Elba and Wilkinson is set to deliver a soulful and moving performance with the intent to educate and inspire, as well as comedian Andrew Lawrence and well-loved Stroud band Albino Tarantino.


The installation costs £3-£5. Visitors will have their temperature checked at arrival and are asked to book in groups of a maximum 6 from up the two households at one time. Visitors of the exhibition will be staggered in 10-minute slots and will have an hour to wander around the wonderful maze of light. For more information on booking slots, tickets and COVID precautions, head to thesubrooms.co.uk/whats-on. 


Words from the artist Jack Wimperis 


What inspired you to create Everything Is Light?

A COVID-safe venue was the idea. A walk-through light experience and a venue where you can have gigs with separated pods and I think it’s worked. It took a lot of drawing. I remember us spending a whole weekend back in May trying to draw it up. Doing a walk-through event is one thing and doing a venue is another but then try and combine them and it was really complicated. We got there in the end and now we have what we have. It’s a complete dream. I feel immensely blessed being given the ballroom to work with, it means a lot to me. Being part of Stroud, being a proper Stroudie and having a show like that in the best building in town. So yeah, that’s about it really. 


How would you describe Everything Is Light to someone who’s never seen it?

A joyful experience that you just have to go and see. It’s very hard to explain, it’s not arty ****, it’s just joyous and light. We love light. You’ve just got to wander round it going ah, wow, this is fantastic. You just have to go see it. It’s an experience to behold.  


What was your favourite gig/live-stream that was held inside Everything is Light?

That’s a really tricky one isn’t it. Obviously BandIT was fantastic because it was all the schools and they all had a stunning time. That was more of a private live-stream though, wasn’t it? I loved The Achievers actually, that was a really brilliant gig. I thought they were really funny and really cool. So I think it was that one. No fuss about it, just really very good.


What’s your next adventure?

I’ve got a few things up my sleeve that I won’t chat about just yet but the next adventure is possibly the live-stream at Glastonbury which I’m chatting to a few people about and hopefully I can take the milk bottles down and put them at the back of Coldplay. 



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Everything Is Light - Words from the artist, Jack Wimperis

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Everything Is Light, the mesmerizing light installation created by Jack Wimperis at The Sub Rooms, is set to reopen from 17th May with a handful of...

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