Sat 06 Apr 2024

30 Years of Metalheadz

Music + 18+ Event
30 Years of Metalheadz

You are invited to join us on Saturday the 6th of April as we celebrate 30 Years of legendary Drum & Bass record label, Metalheadz - right here in The Sub Rooms. 

When it comes to record labels that can boast a rock-solid legacy stretching back to the conception of Drum & Bass as a genre – there are very few that can compare to Metalheadz. In terms of seminal cuts, uncompromising sound and respect throughout the scene, you'd be hard-pressed to find any true rival. 

Launched in the 90’s by Goldie, Storm and the late Kemistry, Metalheadz has remained a driving force in relentless expression of cutting-edge Drum & Bass. 

This lineup has been carefully crafted to touch on the label's deep history right through to today’s staples. 

Metalheadz 30. 

Since Forever.

Doc Scott 

A true veteran and leading tastemaker in D&B, Doc Scott has been an essential and pivotal figure in the scene since before its inception and continues to push things forward. Founding member of ‘A Bunch Of Cuts’, his DJ sets in the mid-90s became legendary, notably at the Metalheadz Blue Note sessions and ‘Speed’. 

Although primarily a DJ, his productions are definitive classics within the scene, such as ‘Here Comes The Drumz’ on Reinforced, the first ever Metalheadz release ‘VIP Drumz’, to the more mellow sounds of ‘Tokyo Dawn’ on Good Looking Records. 

His own label 31 Records, sparked by Scott’s ground-breaking ‘Shadow Boxing’, has also been a hub for new talent, pushing some of the biggest artists today in their early days. 

DJ Storm 

Storm has always been one of the most influential DJs within Drum & Bass, known for tight mixing skills and an exclusive selection. Affectionately dubbed the ‘First Lady of Drum & Bass,’ she represents Metalheadz at their residencies, label nights and tours as well as countless solo gigs. 

Having been involved from the very start of the label alongside her great friend and DJ partner Kemistry, Storm’s contribution has been critical in helping build the reputation Metalheadz has today. 

She has toured the world over and continues to enthral crowds with her powerful and professional style, and is also revered and embraced outside of the D&B community, performing at such events as Houghton Festival, Dekmantel, and Ben UFO’s XOYO residency. 


Elliot Garvey from Cardiff in Wales, also known under the moniker Quartz, has established himself as a prolific British Music Producer and DJ. 

Elliot’s music has a persistent underlying quality demonstrating a raw yet refreshing sound. His skill set in genres consistently has a personal style, that is unique and undeniably his own. He is also known for his vast catalogue of his own unreleased music, which is why it is always exciting to watch him DJ. 

Despite his success, Quartz has always remained focused on the music, and has never relied on gimmicks or marketing tricks. He has built his reputation on the strength of his music alone, and has always put the creative process first, in order to create music that is fresh, exciting, and original. 

As a result, Quartz has become one of the most respected and influential producers of his generation. With a string of critically acclaimed releases to his name and a loyal fanbase, Quartz continues to push the boundaries of whichever genre or sub-genre he experiments with, inspiring with his unique and uncompromising approach.


Medic is a versatile, London-raised, Bristol-based lyricist/host and is emerging as an exciting talent among the next generation of MCs. Heavy influence is drawn from earlier days immersed in hip hop, grime, drum and bass, and South London sound system culture, underpinning a broad foundation for his lyrical content. 

Medic began proving himself in Bristol as a core resident of Alternate and other brands across the South West. He is regularly booked to host a high calibre of artists with a trademark stage presence, flow, lyrics, and adaptability making him a requested MC by many. 

Medic has releases on Fokuz, Vandal and Mac 2 with forthcoming releases on Dispatch and a new alias with one of drum and bass’s stalwart MCs soon to be unveiled. Now recognised for his talent and potential alongside a vast array of incoming releases, Medic is one to watch closely.