Sun 07 Nov 2021

Dweller in Shadows - a Life of Ivor Gurney - Kate Kennedy

Stroud Book Festival
Dweller in Shadows - a Life of Ivor Gurney - Kate Kennedy

Born and raised in Gloucester, Ivor Gurney (1890–1937) wrote some of the most anthologized poems of the First World War and composed some of the greatest works in the English song repertoire, such as “Sleep”. Yet his life was shadowed by the trauma of the war and mental illness, and he spent his last fifteen years confined to a mental asylum.

Biographer and broadcaster Kate Kennedy is the author of Dweller in Shadows, the first-ever comprehensive biography of this extraordinary and misunderstood artist.

We’re delighted to welcome Kate to Stroud Book Festival to discuss her compelling and definitive biography, which sets Ivor Gurney’s life and work against the backdrop of the war and his institutionalisation, probing the links between madness, suffering and creativity.

Kate’s talk will feature musical interludes of Ivor Gurney’s songs, sung by Dominic Bevan, and accompanied by Simon Over at the piano.

Don’t miss this chance to remember a Gloucestershire great, who when facing death in the trenches, hoped that history might not “forget me quite”.

Venue: Subscription Rooms

Tickets: £10