Sun 06 Feb 2022

GUS Brass Band

GUS Brass Band

The GUS Band, originally named the Munn and Felton Works Band was formed by Fred Felton in 1933 in Kettering. During their 88-year history, thousands have applauded the band in concert, and the Midlanders have dented the Northern pride of Yorkshire and Lancashire, traditionally the home of brass bands, by winning no less than six national titles, the British Open Championships and being proclaimed World Champions.  


In more recent years the band has consistently been ranked in the Top 20 brass bands in the world and has won 6 of last 7 Midlands Regional Championships. During the pandemic the band kept its momentum with podium finishes in multiple international online competitions.    


Following the easing of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the band has come back stronger than ever with Chris Jeans at the helm. For more information on The GUS Band including details of upcoming events, please visit