Leonardo: The Works

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Leonardo: The Works


“Undeniably impressive… the cumulative effect of seeing one masterwork after another roll across the screen is amazing. As gallery films go, this is pretty monumental.”   The Guardian

This film is an unprecedented look at arguably the world’s most celebrated artist. Many feature films have showcased the genius of Leonardo but none have ever examined in such detail the most crucial element of all: his art. Leonardo’s peerless paintings are at the core of this film, offering unparalleled access for the first time. Amidst this collection of masterpieces, marvel at The Last Supper, Lady with an Ermine, Ginevra de’ Benci, Madonna Litta, Virgin of the Rocks and what is widely considered the most famous artwork of all time – The Mona Lisa.

“You’ve seen Mona Lisa a million times, but never this close”  Total Film Magazine

Join us on a worldwide tour to travel across eight countries – from Italy to Poland – to experience all of Leonardo’s works in situ from the comfort of your own home. By the end of this comprehensive film you will surely understand why Leonardo is considered by many to be one of the greatest artists of all time.

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