Paint & Paper Exhibition

Tony (#tonymcculla) retired after 37 years of teaching Art in 2020 and has since been painting in his studio in Westrip. He has made a series of paintings in acrylic, inspired by exaggerating forms and colours seen in St Ives in Cornwall, Reykjavik and the Icelandic landscape. He has recently been responding to the local environment in a similar manner, playing with colourful semi-geometric shapes adapted from the views across from Randwick Woods. 

Jessica (#smalltypestudio) celebrates the beauty of up cycling: using recycled materials to create intricate and colourful collages. She finds inspiration in the throwaway graphics found on packaging, the infographics that we all know and recognise and uses them to create messages that are both thought provoking and humorous. Her work is not just a banner of protest, it is also a celebration of individuality. Her ever expanding ‘Eco-Alphabets’ use bespoke typography to create personalised messages.