Shindig 2024

Featuring The Baghdaddies, Filty Dirty Disco, DJ Robbie Duncan and more...

A big party for the best town there is...

Come along to Stroud's biggest party! Back for 2024, our iconic Shindig is a celebration of this wonderful town and a chance to grab a drink, let loose and get your groove on.

We're ecstatic to announce a line-up of the BAGHDADDIES bringing exuberant and rampant brand of world music to the mainstage, South West DJ collective FILTHY DIRTY DISCO will be bringing a much needed injection of mixed-up, mashed-up, maxed out music. Last but not least we have local legend ROBBIE DUNCAN bringing his uniqie fusion of Jazz, Soul, Funk & House.

We will have delicious loaded flatbreads coming out of our kitchen (vegan options available).

We'll see you there!

The Baghdaddies

The Baghdaddies’ exuberant and rampant brand of world music is an exhilarating cocktail of Balkan melodies, ska and latin grooves and sizzling brass played with furious energy and theatrical humour, making them as unforgettable on stage as they are when performing as wandering brass troubadours. They take themselves incredibly seriously so you don’t have to…

“If jerry Dammers and Terry Hall had grown up listening to world music, The specials might have sounded very like the Baghdaddies.”

— Nigel Williamson – Uncut Magazine July 2010

“The band have a particular flair for the Balkans and capture its frenetic energy and flamboyance wonderfully. There is also a fair share of klezmer, jazz, ska and punk – an anarchic fusion where Ivo Papasov meets The Clash meets The Beat”

— Songlines Magazine

Filthy Dirty Disco

Filthy Dirty Disco are a South West DJ collective who bring a much needed injection of mixed-up, mashed-up, maxed out music wherever they go. With an indecent predisposition to genre hopping, a disregard for purity and a party smashing attitude, prepare yourself for adulterated fun and serious dancing.

Forged on the dancefloors of Devon, Jessica Joy, Sofie F and Miss Demeaner bonded over a love of music and a desire to create their own party vibe wherever they play. Filthy Dirty Disco deliver a locked in dancefloor, hands-in-the air atmosphere, stunning visuals and sometimes a surprise guest thrown in for good measure.

The trio have smashed it out of the park at a variety of events, from regular Exeter gigs (the legendary Angel) to festival sets at Glastonbury, Beautiful Days, Altitude, a residency at Pink Moon and appearances on Love Summer Radio – it turns out that everybody loves a bit of filth!

DJ Robbie Duncan

With an innate passion for music and a gift for orchestrating electrifying atmospheres, Robbie Duncan stands as a dynamic force in the world of DJing. Renowned for seamlessly blending diverse genres and crafting unforgettable sonic experiences, Robbie has become a sought-after talent known for elevating events to extraordinary heights.

Born and raised in Stroud, Gloucestershire, Robbie discovered a profound love for music at an early age. Influenced by the rich cultural tapestry of his Jamaican heritage, Robbie developed a keen ear for rhythm, harmony, and melody that would later become the foundation of his distinctive DJ style.

Robbie Duncan’s signature style is a fusion of Jazz, Soul, Funk & House where the boundaries between genres blur to create an immersive and unforgettable sonic experience. Known for his ability to read a crowd and curate sets that transcend expectations, Robbie has graced the stages of the Round House, Ministry of Sound, Bush Hall and left an indelible mark on audiences.

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