Summer Art Exhibition

A Five Valleys Artist Collaboration

Bob Garland | Darren Rumley | Sally Brookes Maggie Smith | Eva Pollard | Sarah Granville

Bob Garland aka BLZ Bob, Digital Artist and Cartoonist

Welcome to my world of Cartoons and Comic Art.
My Digital Collages are created from a huge pallet of vintage comic covers, newspaper headlines, hieroglyphs, spells, geometrical religious symbolism and a little bit of my magic.

Each collage has numerous versions, normally eight plus. Each one tweaked, adjusting; colours, intensity, shadows, eyes, lighting, backgrounds etc. making each one unique.

Darren Rumley - one artisan

After many years painting on canvas Darren decided to experiment working with concrete and thus One Artisan was born.

With a passion for sculptural pieces Darren wanted to create “art with a function”. Concrete is a very tactile material and when mixed with other organic products it provides the most wonderful, physical presence. It is not only beautiful and robust but is difficult to resist touching.

The debut collection includes stunning polished concrete Luna Lights, which diffuse a soft ambient glow. The larger sizes are perfect for indoors or out and work perfectly in harmony when arranged in an informal collection.

The huge pebble is both a unique garden feature and comfortable seat and a welcome addition to any urban or rural landscape.

The modern hand basin infuses an original clad chic feature into any bathroom or cloakroom, whilst being hardy and functional.

Sally Brooks - Ceramics

Sally Brooks is an established ceramic artist specialising in Raku firing. The range of work includes clocks, vases, wall plaques and boxes, using a combination of matt and lustre glazes with bold abstract patterns. Sally uses skilled hand building techniques to create very precise slab built pieces with clean sharp edges, and pinch pot and coiling for her range of egg shaped pots and sphere boxes. Each hand built piece is completely unique, as raku gives that chance element from the flames and smoke.  For more information about commissioning work please feel free to get in contact.

Maggie Smith - Mixed Media

Maggie Smith is a mixed media artist working in her studio at her home near Sheepscombe.

Using mainly watercolours and acrylic inks she paints semi abstract landscapes inspired by the countryside around her home or photographs taken on holiday.

She enjoys using her imagination, often departing from reality rather than simply representing the scene before her. She works mainly wet on wet, letting her materials flow and mix, embracing happy accidents and interpreting what they represent. 

Eva Pollard - Glass Design

Hi, I'm Eva of Eva Glass Design. I am a glass artist and designer-maker who creates stained glass and kiln-formed glass window art, homeware and jewellery. I specialise in creating collections of kiln-formed (or fused) glass window art, homeware and jewellery under the brand Eva Glass Design; and also design and make stained glass windows to commission using traditional leadwork.

My work is primarily designed to interact with natural light to bring patterns of colour to interiors. The versatility of glass types and techniques make it a fascinating medium to work with, and I have always loved how the shades of coloured glass change in different light. Most of my work is inspired by the nature I immerse myself within when working in my garden or visiting the countryside. I also take inspiration from the sea, and our relationship with it. I absolutely love the shades of blue glass that are available to work with, and use a lot of coastal imagery and themes in my work where I love the challenge of representing the myriad colours of water. Principles of balance and proportion are also important to me in the way I design and construct my pieces, which allows them to bring a harmonious feel to interiors.


Sarah Granville - Mixed Media

I am  an abstract and mixed media artist using a variety of different substrates, paints, inks and tools to create unique pieces of art that lift my spirits and bring me joy.

​Colour is always at the heart of my paintings, the thing is, I love colour!  and the way colours compliment and harmonise with each other.  I try to include quiet areas so that the viewer can rest a while and observe the textures and then move on to areas of contrast with interesting marks and shapes.