Sun 07 Nov 2021

The Joy of Small Things, Hannah Jane Parkinson

Stroud Book Festival
The Joy of Small Things, Hannah Jane Parkinson

Venue: Lansdown Hall

“The Joy of Small Things” is a real soul-salve of a collection: beautifully written and full of gentle insight and warm wit. Keep it near you to dip into whenever you need to feel better about the world – Nigella Lawson.

Experiencing tricky times? Feeling unsteady? Dreading the dismal days of winter? Then join us for wonderfully balmy and uplifting event which will give us all renewed appreciation of life’s everyday delights.

As she demonstrates in her uplifting Saturday Guardian magazine column, “The Joy of Small Things”, journalist Hannah Jane Parkinson is a specialist in savouring the small pleasures of life, whether she is revelling in a fluffy dressing gown (‘like bathing in marshmallow’), finding calm in solo cinema trips, noticing the personalities of fonts (‘you’ll never see Comic Sans on a funeral notice’), or feeling no guilt on calling time on a book she isn’t enjoying.

With her columns now collected in a book, also entitled “The Joy of Small Things”, we’re delighted to welcome Hannah to Stroud Book Festival for an entertaining discussion of life’s tiny but mighty pleasures. We’ll be inviting our audience to share their own cheering inspirations.

Chaired by Caroline Sanderson