Congo Natty

Congo Natty is nothing less than a monumental, seminal figure in UK underground soundsystem culture. Widely credited as one of the main creators of jungle music, the Tottenham producer, toaster and MC has led British-Jamaican musical innovation ever since he first started DJing at illegal dances in the '80s. Known for positive, energetic, socially-aware music that blends the swagger and class-consciousness of his London background with the creative influence and politicism of his paternal Jamaican heritage, Congo Natty has had an unequalled influence on the growth of modern UK dance music. 
From his early exploits with The Ital Sound, through his late 80s and early 90s career as Rebel MC, and on to his pioneering experiments in jungle during the 1990s under a number of guises, Congo has cemented a reputation as a hard-working creator with a relentless live schedule who's always ready to bring the culture vibes to the masses. A trip to his spiritual homeland, Ethiopia, in 2007 changed the artist's life forever. He returned re-invigorated and determined to make an impact on the world he had left behind.