Doreen Doreen

Doreen Doreen are a flamboyant bunch of entertainers from Bristol. Originally formed in 1982, this colourful, glittery, sparkly, Lycra-wearing bunch of crazies have enough energy and enthusiasm to get even the most beige party pumping.

They play a wonderful cacophony of music with vocalists upfront, (who sing like angels or Meatloaf in equal measures) harmonising sometimes beautifully, sometimes on the edge of pain - but always fabulous as well as non-stop entertaining. The musical mastery here is second to none. Creating incongruous mash-ups you’d never dream of… Abba with Queen, Eurythmics with Erasure, Adele with The Beatles to name a few. With the fun, mayhem and frivolity, we challenge you to be unmoved by the experience of an evening in their company. You’ll not want your night to end!